Dancing ferret makes netizens go aww. Watch viral TikTok video

Videos of people dancing with pets are adorable to watch but the foot tapping dance by this exotic pet will give you a different vibe. A clip posted on Tiktok by @friendlyquest (Mats Plum Berry) shows a pet ferret being moved to the song ‘Buttercup’ by MixandMash.

In the video the ferret is seen swaying to the music while being held by its owner. The smooth and flexible moves of the little guy are a treat to watch. The ferret also dances with an origami model of a Pikachu.

The clip has garnered almost 7 million likes and is counting. Netizens are in love with the fluffy and flexible little guy as comments poured in. “Move like a slime, move like a slime,” wrote a Tiktok user. “OMG THE LOAD OF CUTENESS IN THIS VIDEO,” exclaimed another. “The music goes perfect with the moves,” said the third.” I can watch this all day,” said another Tiktok user.

What do you think of this adorable clip?

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