Do you know how many days does it take to empty 3.7 million litres of water? ESA shares

European Space Agency (ESA) recently took to Instagram to share a timelapse video about the maintenance of the Neutral Buoyancy Facility at Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany. The clip, which is absolutely mesmerising and intriguing, shows the draining of 3.7 million litres of water from a tank in the facility.

“Do you know how many days does it take to empty 3.7 million litres of water,” asked ESA in the post’s caption. They further described that it took seven days to “replace all the old water that had been circulating in the closed loop filtration system for over a decade.” Turn out, the Neutral Buoyancy Facility (NBF) was built in 1990 and last refurbished in the year 2007.

ESA further described what will happen once the refurbishing is completed. “Once the refurbishment is complete, 3.7 million litres of water will be pumped back in over three weeks and reheated to 28°C for long underwater dives and training sessions. Diving activities are expected to resume in spring 2021,” they added.

Take a look at the video and read the entire post:

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Since being shared some 10 hours ago, the video has gathered close to 75,000 views. It has also amassed tons of comments from people. There were some who tried guessing how many days it took. Others wanted ESA to share a video of the tank being filled again.

“7 judging by the lights,” correctly guessed an Instagram user. “Show it filling back up again!!” urged another. “So impressive,” expressed a third.

What do you think of the clip?

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