Forensic tests prove Ghaziabad minor’s body was confined to her house: Police

The results of forensic tests run by the Ghaziabad Police in the murder of a minor in Khoda have established that the girl’s body was confined to her house.

The girl had gone missing on August 2. Her body was found in a bag on the roof of the first floor of her uncle’s house on the morning of August 4. Both the houses are located next to each other. The police said that a 32-year-old cab driver, who lived as a tenant on the first floor of the girl’s house is the prime suspect in the case.

“A series of forensic tests were conducted and the house was examined. There were bloodstains on the wall and the floor, as well as the undergarments we found in the room of the suspect (the cab driver). The garments had been washed, probably to hide the blood. The pieces of cloth used for mopping the blood had also been washed,” an investigating police officer said.

Apart from the bloodstains in the room, the police also found several clothes that had been washed in the bathroom. Forensic tests showed the presence of bloodstains on these clothes as well.

“Atop the roof, we found a bedsheet, which had a number of creases and bloodstains. It was bundled and kept in a corner. It had spots of semen as well. A vital piece of evidence was the discovery of bloodstains from a loft opposite the staircase of the girl’s house. We suspect that the body had been stuffed inside the bag and kept there for further disposal,” the officer said.

Senior superintendent of police Vaibhav Krishna said that the crime scene is being reconstructed and other forensic tests are also being conducted.

“The evidence we found during the comprehensive forensic examination establishes that the body was confined to the girl’s house. More details will be known once the culprit is arrested. We are also taking up the reconstruction of the scene of crime based on the forensic evidence,” Krishna said.

According to the police, the cab driver is presently on the run. Several police teams have been formed to search for him in different cities of UP. The police have also come to know that althought the suspect “helped look for the girl”, he went missing one-and- a-half hours before the girl’s body was found.

First Published: Aug 06, 2018 10:56 IST

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