General election 2019 | BJP will fight but not get seats, says TMC’s Subrata Mukherjee

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BJP will fight but not get seats, says TMC’s Subrata Mukherjee

A stalwart in West Bengal politics and the senior-most West Bengal Cabinet Minister, Subrata Mukherjee has been given Trinamool ticket for Bankura to shore up the party in the face of an aggressive Bharatiya Janata Party. Exuding confidence, Mr. Mukherjee says despite all sound and fury, the BJP will not be able to convert votes to seats.

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Our priority is to form a non-BJP government: K.C. Venugopal

“For one, the BJP had peaked in all these States — Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh. In Gujarat and Rajasthan, we had zero; in Maharashtra, the NCP and the Congress together got six of 48 seats. In Jharkhand we had no seat, in Haryana we had one. We are doing extremely well in all these States. The BJP is facing a tough battle and even people like Nitin Gadkari are not having it easy and more than half the seats in Maharashtra will come to us.

“In Gujarat, the BJP has tried everything to decimate us, but we are getting anywhere between six and 10 seats. There are conflicting reports from Rajasthan, but we are winning around 10 seats there. In Madhya Pradesh, they tried everything, including fielding a hardcore Hindutva candidate in Bhopal but we will get more than half the seats. In Jharkhand and Bihar also, the situation is similar. The BJP hopes to win seats in West Bengal, but they are not going to win more than one or two. Overall, the BJP tally is coming down by 80-100 seats.”

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