Gulab jamun pizza pic goes viral, sparks online debate. Which side are you on?

Not so long back, fusion dishes like sweet Maggi and chocolate dosa created quite a stir among people. Turns out, there’s a new addition to that list – gulab jamun pizza. From Twitter to reddit, an image of the dish is being shared across various social media platforms and it has ended up sparking a debate among netizens.

The image, which is now going all kinds of viral, shows gulab jamun pieces kept on baked pizza dough. Also, there are pieces of dry fruits and dried rose petals on the pizza.

The image has now sparked a wave of reactions among people. However, before knowing what people said, take a look at the image of gulab jamun pizza.

While some were disgusted by the dish, there were a few who commented they would like to taste the dish. In short, the image of the gulab jamun pizza has evoked all sorts of emotions in people.

“First of all, No! Second of all, can I get a slice?” commented a reddit user expressing a mixed feeling. “It looks too good but I didn’t taste it, where can I find it,” enthusiastically wrote another. “I have questions. What was the sauce made of? What was the dough? Was it baked? But more importantly, why?” commented another. “Don’t know if I’m feeling bad for pizza or gulab jamun,” wrote a fourth.

What do you think? Would you like to taste gulab jamun pizza?

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