Harsh Goenka says he needs this to navigate through his crowded city. Watch

Most people who watch videos of hoverboards and Segways wish they too could try them and how efficient they’d be to commute on. Here’s another video that may make you feel the same way. Business tycoon Harsh Goenka has shared a video of a man riding one across a crowded street and his tweet is collecting several reactions.

“This is what I need to travel in my crowded city. So cool!” Goenka tweeted while sharing this video. It shows a man riding what looks a self-balancing electric scooter in heavy traffic. The man seems quite comfortable on the personal transporter.

While several people have reacted to the video just like Goenka, many have questioned if it would be safe to use it in traffic. Many have also pointed at the fact the man wasn’t wearing any protective gear, not even a helmet.

Take a look at the video below:

Shared last evening, the tweet has collected over 5,300 likes and more than 900 retweets, along with several reactions.

“Sir, don’t forget to put on your helmet and other protective gears. The guy is not using,” posted an individual. “This is so cool! Imagine the parking space it would save and ease of traffic!” shared another.

What do you think about this?

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