Hospital hires employee whose job is to greet others. It’s an adorable dog

If we say that this is probably the cutest employee you have ever seen, chances are you’ll nod in agreement. It’s an adorable doggo named Shiloh who is now a part of a hospital. What’s important is that the cute pooch has the important job of all – to go around and say “Hi” to others.

Twitter user Shari Dunaway, whose bio says she is a Physician, took to Twitter to share this happy news with the world. Her post is complete with two images.

“My hospital hired an employee whose only job is to go around saying hi to other employees while they work,” Dunaway wrote while sharing the tweet.

Since being posted, it has gathered close to 60,000 likes. Alongside, it has also received more than 8,400 likes and the numbers are only increasing. People had a lot to say about this sweet addition to the hospital staff.

“Umm that nametag says “Volunteer.” Did they really hire him if he’s not being paid? This pup deserves a fair wage. He has treats to afford and his labor is very valuable,” wrote a Twitter user. To which, Dunaway wittily replied, “Dogtor Shiloh is very well rewarded and fully compensated for his work. Free treats for life, room & board, meal plan, grooming, and unlimited cuddles and smiles from healthcare workers at @OSUWexMed!”

“How adorable,” shared another.

There were some who posted images of similar doggo employees and each of them are equally cute:

What do you think of the tweet?

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