In their world of beanie caps

As the temperature begins to plummet, we tend to get layered. From sweaters, coats, boots to cardigans all add to our winter style statement. Lucknow is witnessing sharp fall in temperature and youngsters are all game for putting their best fashion foot forward with various winter clothing accessories including beanie caps, berets, stoles, scarves, mufflers and shawls being available online and in local market. The youth are leaving no stone unturned to make a fashion statement.

According to Dr Rashmi Munshi, associate professor NIFT, accessorising right is the key to winter fashion. “Winter dressing is all about layering and dressing tends to give a bulkier look. So, one should use contrasting colour beanies, mufflers and others to break monotony of dark winter clothes. Also, it keeps you all warm and then woollen items have resurfaced as the most fashionable trend.”

For law student, Naureen Rizvi and home maker Ruchika Kumar winter fashion is all about beanie, pullovers and boots. “For me beanie cap is a must to complete my winter dressing. It helps me to complete my fashionable look. I have a large number of beanies of pastel as well as dark shades to match it with my sweaters,” said Naureen.

Then for some beanies are not only a fashion wear but they sport it to keep all warm and cozy. Banking professional Richa Jhingran says, “I actually wear beanie caps as they keep me warm and saves from catching cold. Whenever I sport these caps, they do add a lot of statement to my winter attires.”

Youngsters who are constantly travelling to hills have beanie caps as their essential winter wear. UX designer Yamina, said, “I’m an avid traveller and love mountains, so for me, beanies are my travelling partners and they take maximum of luggage space along with trench coats.”

Dr Munshi adds that the only thing that one should keep in mind with these clothing accessories are to keep your collection up-to-date and one should avoid bubbled caps. “As beanie caps are largely made of woollen their storage is challenging and then due to regular wear they do get bubbled. I suggest one should have fabric shaver handy to solve the constant bubbling issue.”

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