Jason Momoa video calls young Aquaman fan battling cancer. Their wholesome conversation may melt your heart

Jason Momoa, famously known for playing Aquaman, took to Instagram on November 19 to share an extraordinary recording. The video captures his phone conversation with a young Aquaman fan, named Danny, who is battling cancer. Their discussion is so wholesome that it may melt your heart.

“So I just wanted to say thank you to the community, friends and family on Instagram for reaching out and showing me this beautiful boy Danny who is going through chemo and has cancer. I saw his video online that made me want to get in touch and FaceTime him and spend some time talking to him,” reads the caption shared alongside the post.

Momoa is referring to a clip that shows Danny’s reaction to receiving an Aquaman action figure as a present. Danny’s excitement and enthusiasm whilst unboxing that gift can be seen in Momoa’s post, which contains a snippet of the original video towards the very end.

The recording starts with Momoa calling Danny, who excitedly greets him with an “Hi Aquaman,” as soon as he picks up the call. The two talk about Danny’s love for Aquaman, and the young boy’s fondness for dolphins. Check out their conversation here, and get ready to get misty-eyed.

Since being shared on the photo and video sharing platform, this post has received a whole lot of appreciation from netizens. The share has presently amassed over six lakh likes.

Here is what Instagram users had to say about the post. One person said, “True hero”.

Another individual wrote, “I literally got teary-eyed. That was beautiful”. “Awesome job, man! Way to be a true hero!” read one comment under the post.

Momoa also shared a link to Danny’s Go Fund Me page in his Instagram bio.

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