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College culturals make for everlasting memories

At the beginning of an academic year, colleges conduct auditions, to identify the varied talents available in the new students, who have joined the institution. This engagement is also considered as an ice-breaking exercise which will help students to explore creativity, innovation, group work, team building, and so on.

Talents identified: Students’ talents are not only identified by themselves, but also by the colleges, in the form of auditions. The range varies from oration, debate, dumb charade, JAM to music, dance and the like. Interested students are invited to register for auditions as individuals or teams, depending on the nature of the event, and they perform on the scheduled days. The performances are judged by experts chosen from within or outside college, and successful students are identified. After identifying freshers’ talent, the college cultural team, headed by a convener, hones their talent and also enable them to gel with older students, preparing them to represent the college in various cultural events across the country.

College culturals: Annual cultural events are organised at the college and also at department levels. Budgets are prepared, and responsibilities drawn out. Sponsorship ventures are also undertaken to meet the corporates for financial support. The programmes are witnessed by scores of students who anxiously wait for many months to enjoy these multiple events under one roof . Those who watch these programmes also get inspired and motivated to showcase their talent.

Better academic focus: It is often believed that the youth should not be confined to just books, as many of their innate talents are revealed through participating in culturals — such activities would be a right and constructive deviation to them if sustained well. Such approaches can boost their concentration on studies, as revealed through the lives of many successful individuals.

Leadership skills, team work and team building: Students learn a lot from not only participating in the programmes but also by seeing what others do, thus imbibing leadership skills. Team work and team building are also observed on such occasions as it will strengthen team output where everyone is encouraged to put in their best efforts.

Friends and fellowship: The climax of culturals is that as students congregate and enjoy programmes, it gives them opportunities for making new friends and reinforcing existing ones through mutual understanding and cooperation. There are many instances that they make friends for life and with the present efficient communication systems, they are well connected despite the distance. Such endeavours create a love and passion for their alma mater. With the growing tendency for extracurriculars, one should not lose sight of the role of culturals in building a humane society.

The writer is Principal, Madras Christian College, Chennai

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