Men’s style and grooming by Yatan Ahluwalia: Fashion and grooming for autumn

Autumn is a season of transition. The pleasant weather allows you to style various looks with a combination of both summer and winter clothing and accessories.

The Autumn look : Masculine and powerful

Colours: Brown, beige, rust and amber with a hint of grey and blue. Metallic shades of copper and silver. White as a neutraliser.

Key garments: Full sleeve shirts and jackets.

Accessory: Handbags

Grooming: You should emphasise on nourishing and conditioning the skin.

Hair: Cut very short on the sides and left long on top. Styled using a strong wet look gel (FIX MAX by L’OREAL). Give a gentle lift in front with a wide toothcomb and the place the rest onto one side. Brows combed but left bushy to look real and natural.

Face: Evenly trimmed and sharp three day shadow stubble. We used a water-based moisturiser (KIEHLS) to give the skin a healthy glow.

Extra’s: A single stud on the ear. Wear a stone set in platinum or silver instead of gold.

Dress the look: Jeans and a leather jacket to go rugged or a fitted business suit for a sharp work look.

With this fortnightly column, we will look at men’s fashion, style and grooming along with trends, tips, style guides, looks, previews and reviews of clothes, accessories, grooming products, fashion labels and lifestyle brands too.

1. In focus :The classic white shirt for men

No autumn wardrobe is complete without the classic white shirt. You need a minimum of two variations: one for casual wear that you can pair with blue jeans and a formal one that can be used to bring even the darkest dinner jacket or dullest suit to life.

Always choose a shirt that fits well. Ensure the shoulders don’t droop and that the sleeve length is just right for you. You can dress your formal shirt with a pair of jewelled cufflinks. Roll up the sleeves on the casual one, to lend a more relaxed feel. The buttons on your white shirt should always be an identical match to the base colour. While your formal shirt can have a short cutaway collar, the casual one will look best with a straight or tab collar. The fabric of your white shirts must always be crease free and breathable. White shirts always show up fold lines and tend to get stained easily so ensure they are well ironed and spotless before (and after) you put them on.

Styling tip: Pin tucks on a formal white shirt always work and you will never go wrong when you wear one.

2. Mystery shopper

Uni Qlo has been my personal favourite for a few years now as their clothes fit well, are simple, functional, practical and durable – five reasons you should wear a brand and stick to it.

Uni Qlo has opened its first flagship store in India in New Delhi and the layout though large, can be rather daunting for a first time shopper. The price points are almost double of what you would pay for their merchandise in Europe or the Far East.

You will find plenty of clothing options and accessories for men, women and kids. Their jackets and insulated thermals are worth picking up. Their colour palette for the season is predominantly beige, brown, grey and black, which is pretty much in line with international trends for the season.

While most Uni Qlo garments tend to fit well, there is no Extra Small (XS) available and you will be lucky, if you find just a few pieces in Small (S) of each design. Some of the trial pieces kept hanging from the Heattech range looked worn out, so check what you buy.

Take away: The range is extensive but sizing, pricing and quality may be an issue.

3. Real people, real style

Who: Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director & CEO – The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL,) the company behind the iconic Taj Hotels.

Style factor: Wears double – breasted jackets for work, which is perfect for corporate men for the season. He is normally seen in a suit with a distinct coloured tie or a pocket square.

How he describes his style sensibilities: “I always consider three key factors – an impeccable fit, maintaining ones style consistently and dressing for the occasion”.

Decoding his look: A double – breasted jacket has overlapping front flaps with two symmetrical columns of buttons and is considered more formal. Such jackets exude both confidence and authority to the wearer. For autumn, you could choose a thick fabric, which has subtle checks or pin stripes as a print. These jackets should always be worn with trousers that are part of a set and never on their own with jeans or contrasting lowers.

Style tip: if you are slim or lean, a double – breasted jacket will make you look wider and fuller.

4. Off the rack

The new Rajwada collection from Fabindia, one of India’s most iconic brands has a colour palette, which features beautiful Indian autumn hues of pink, green, yellow and blue. It offers a small and rather opulent range for men too . The rich motifs have been intricately woven by hand with traditional techniques. Overall a good collection for traditional wear.

Chokore is a new brand of men’s accessories that has a quirky collection of ties, bows, pocket squares and scarves. The range is colourful and made of silk, which gives the accessories a rich look and feel.

The ties are both regular and slim, though I would advise you go in for the slimmer ones as they look sharper and will give you an illusion of a leaner and taller silhouette.

Style tip: Dress any plain jacket with a bright pocket square.

The range of bags and accessories from Tohl, a new entrant in the already competitive leather space, are handcrafted from luxurious leather, which has been selected for its durability and flexibility.

The brand offers a wide range of bags including backpacks, laptop bags, valises, satchels, waist pouches and wallets. I quite like their duffle bag which has a rugged aesthetic and has external shoe compartments, slip pockets and detachable straps.

Strong trend: Coloured leather in shades of red, blue and orange will soon replace black and brown, for both men and women.

Author bio: The author is an image, style and grooming consultant and trainer.

From HT Brunch, November 10, 2019

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