OP Jindal University to start its virtual academic session from August 2

Students to be called on campus in phases and only 2,883 students to be accommodated at a point of time.

The OP Jindal Global University (JGU) will start its new academic session, in a virtual mode, from August 2. However, the university has said they are “exploring the possibility” of the physical reopening of the campus too, by calling students in batches.

In an email sent to the parents and guardians, JGU said students’ arrival back on campus will be determined by five conditions including their vaccination status and adherence to Covid protocols.

“Considering the present COVID-19 situation and keeping in mind the academic interests of the students on the one hand and the equally important concern relating to the safety and well-being of JGU community, we will begin our classes for the new academic session for all our current students and newly admitted students with effect from Monday, 2 Aug 2021 in an online mode,” Registrar Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik said in an email.

“In all earnestness, we are also exploring the possibility of physical reopening of the campus in a phased manner during the Fall Semester 2021. We may be able to accommodate 2,883 students on campus in our student housing facility on a single-occupancy basis at a given point of time. This will, however, depend on the evolving situation concerning the risks and vulnerabilities associated with COVID-19, and subject to health safety regulations issued by the appropriate Government and regulatory bodies,” he wrote.

Dabiru said the “framework of the proposed physical reopening” will be based on five conditions:

1. “Every room in the student housing facility will accommodate only one student. Hence, only a maximum of 2,883 students will be accommodated at a given point of time on campus”.

2. “All students returning to the campus for physical on-campus classes will have to submit an RT-PCR test report confirming COVID-19 ‘negative’ diagnosis” which should have been obtained “within 48 hours prior to the arrival at the campus”.

3. They should have obtained both vaccination doses and should submit a vaccination certificate as proof for the same.

4. Students should have the “consent from parents/guardians for returning to the campus” for which a consent form will be circulated.

5. Once allowed inside, they “must abide by all the COVID-19 protocols related to health safety and security of students, faculty and staff of the University” and “will not be allowed to go outside the campus throughout the entire duration of their stay on campus”.

Patnaik said it was their “goal” to “facilitate all the students of JGU to be able to spend few weeks on campus in different phases in the forthcoming semester” which could be done as the university was “equipped to offer a hybrid learning environment that includes a blend of online and in-person classes” which would allow students to attend classes remotely as well.

“The classrooms are equipped with speaker tracking cameras allowing faculty members to freely move around while delivering the lecture. The cameras are also connected to the speakers to enable students to be able to engage with faculty members remotely. The cameras also have a built-in microphone that captures sound from every corner of the class,” he wrote.

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