OPPO is all geared up to launch the ultimate videography expert, Reno5 Pro 5G, on January 18, 2021, in India

It’s the start of a brand-new year and everyone’s expectations from 2021 are soaring high! OPPO, being the technology leader, has always focused on introducing industry-first innovations and cutting-edge technologies as per the market trends and consumer demands.

5G internet technology is almost here and is becoming the talk of the town. The smartphone industry is booming with 5G launches. Nearly three in every five existing smartphone users are seeking to upgrade to 5G-ready smartphones! Not only this, video consumption and creation patterns have seen a significant rise in the last few years. Today, people love creating videos of almost everything they do. With the upcoming 5G smartphones, the future will be visual, primarily led by short videos. Even in India, short video platforms and mechanisms like Reels, WhatsApp, YouTube and many other apps and video platforms are gaining popularity. Thus, it will be correct to say that smartphone videography is going to be the biggest trend in the 5G era.

Making consumers future ready and leading the charge towards the video revolution, OPPO is all set to establish a new benchmark with the launch of its power-packed videography expert – the Reno5 Pro 5G – to empower consumers to ‘Live The Infinite’. With the Reno5 Pro 5G, OPPO is all geared up to take video quality to the next level. From casual users who capture and share personal moments with their loved ones on social media, to professional creators who are always looking for a compact yet highly capable device to capture on-the-go moments, the OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G promises to exceed all expectations!

Videography like never before : Any light can be a highlight with AI Highlight video

At the heart of this revolutionary video marvel is the industry-leading AI Highlight Video feature, powered by OPPO’s industry-first Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video system. The technology will empower the users to explore infinite possibilities and give the confidence to capture videos, no matter what the light condition is. The Reno5 Pro 5G is surely a head turner and will make your friends envy you, when they see the amazing quality videos you’ve captured.

The FDF system is backed by the efforts of five global R&D teams, and has got 700+ patents globally. The technology is a powerful integration of hardware, flexible software, and smart algorithms, which significantly enhances the video quality and portrait effects. It comprises of two powerful engines the Quality Enhancement Engine and Portrait Perception Engine. that work simultaneously to deliver better, brighter, clearer, focused and amazing videos.

The two engines work in tandem to detect the lighting condition in which the video is being shot, and all the elements which are present in the video. Based on this analysis, the FDF System applies the appropriate algorithm which delivers the best possible quality.

Enabling the AI Highlight Video feature is as simple as opening the camera and tapping on the feature to activate it. The AI Highlight Video feature automatically detects the light levels in a scene and intelligently enhances video quality through Ultra Night Video algorithm and Live HDR algorithm. During low-light and dark-light conditions such as city nightscapes, light shows, and lit fountains, the Ultra Night Video algorithm automatically brightens the scene. With this feature you can surely go out and say that the Night Never looked so good!

Aimed at giving Awesome Clarity that is Always with You, the Live HDR algorithm, detects and engages with the backlit scenes like bright neon city lights, to reduce overexposed areas. Once activated, Reno5 Pro 5G will automatically optimize every video you shoot and create infinite memories for a lifetime. The results that the camera will be able to produce in low-light conditions are truly fantastic. What’s even more amazing is that the system will also enhance your everyday videography moments, be it with your loved ones or shooting work-related videos. Be it bright or dark-light conditions the system applies specially designed filters to optimize detailing and exposure.

Telling both sides of the story, the Reno5 Pro 5G also comes power packed with the Dual-view Video feature. This feature lets you record from the front as well as the back camera at the same time. Capture the world around you as well as yourself as part of it, with this astounding new feature. Now, it won’t matter whether you are in front of the camera or behind it. You will always be part of your favourite moments!

You can be sure that your video is not ruined by bright backlit frames and that it will capture every detail in perfect clarity!

Carrying forward the Reno legacy of industry-first excellence

When OPPO first introduced its Reno series, it set a clear bench mark in the industry design and superior technology. The Reno series has always captured the attention of the modern consumers, who are aware of his/her needs and considers the smartphone not just as another necessity, but an extension of their lifestyles. It fits in perfectly with the affluent and urban audience, and its club of loyalists is only growing with each passing year.

OPPO has consistently delivered innovations and industry-first features with each new iteration of the Reno series. The series has become synonymous with premium quality and OPPO is all set to surprise you with the Reno5 Pro 5G this year! The device perfectly integrates everything that the modern-day consumer expects from their smartphone and offers everything they would need to discover, explore, and capture all the moments of beauty in their lives.

It is for this reason that OPPO has unveiled the mantra of ‘Live The Infinite’ for this newest iteration of the Reno series. Whether you want to capture and preserve the moments you spend with your closest ones, or want to tell the whole world what your dreams and aspirations are, this phone’s top-notch videography capabilities provide the perfect platform to harness these expressions!

OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G is going to be the first device in India to come equipped with the powerful flagship level Mediatek Dimensity 1000+ chipset. This chipset powers the core innovations of the device and makes everything from superior 5G connectivity to enhanced video quality possible. It also enhances the video quality, making it the perfect combination for Reno5 Pro 5G.

The clock is ticking…

Acing the game through industry-first innovations, the Reno series has established new benchmarks by offering customer-centric innovations. With the launch of the Reno5 Pro 5G on January 18, 2021, OPPO will take forward the legacy ahead to redefine the frontiers of innovation in the videography segment. It’s the beginning of yet another revolution, and we can’t wait to dive in! For more details, click here.

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