People say this picture of a bathroom makes them dizzy. What do you think?

Have you seen those pictures of homes with rooms and bathrooms looking so perfect, you checklist them under you wishlist and hope to design yours like them some day? Well, this picture is giving several people the complete opposite feeling.

A seemingly normal picture of a bathroom has gone viral with many saying it makes them feel dizzy or gives them a headache. Posted on June 17, this picture has collected over 41,000 shares.

“I know I have someone here that this will bother,” wrote Facebook user Cammie Mccandless while sharing the image. It shows a neat and clean bathroom – so that’s not what’s got people all upset. The issue many have is with the way the tiles have laid behind the shower. Take a look:

The post has sparked a flurry of reactions from people. Since being shared, it has collected over 9,000 comments – and counting. People haven’t held back while sharing their opinion on the way the bathroom was designed.

“Who designed this? This gives me a headache,” wrote a Facebook user. “This photo makes me very uncomfortable,” shared another. “I feel I would fall over… it makes me unsteady just looking at it,” posted a third. “The curtain rail has to be off level.

“Feeling slightly sick looking at it,” commented a fourth. “I feel dizzy just looking at this,” added yet another.

Of course, there were those who weren’t quite as triggered and appreciated the creativity behind the style.

“Very impressive, there’s a lot of work gone into that tiling, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but hey it’s your bathroom, love or hate it, it’s a piece of art,” wrote an individual. “This is crazy awesome. Couldn’t handle it personally but I totally appreciate the artistry,” wrote another.

So what do you think about this bathroom design?

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