Pics of ‘screaming pasta’ spark meme fest on Twitter, Zomato joins in

There’s a new meme template going viral on Twitter and it may leave you laughing out loud. The ‘screaming pasta’ meme is something that has grabbed the attention of netizens and resulted in some creative and hilarious memes.

The post was originally shared by Twitter user @bayabikomigim on December 28. The post included two pictures. One of them had a single boiled pasta which had a screaming expression and the other picture had three similar looking pastas.

When translated loosely from Turkish the caption shared alongside the post read, “This pasta has started to scream for no reason, what should I do?”

Well, it turns out, tweeple knew exactly what to do. The meme fest was also joined by Zomato and the result is so hilarious that any chai lover will relate to it.

Here are some other memes that you may enjoy

Most of us are guilty of doing like this at morning assemblies in school

Did you read the text in Shah Rukh Khan’s voice too?

Chandler is a mood and so is this angry pasta

One more time from the top!

Guess we will never know whether a pasta inspired Edvard Munch

What do you think of these memes?

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