Pictures of exquisite blue-hued fish show why nature is called the greatest artist of all times

It is often said that “Nature is the greatest artist of all times”. Every now and then we come across such images that aptly exemplify that saying. Just like these images of a blue-hued Mandarin Dragonet. The stunning pictures may leave you amazed and amused, both at the same time.

Shedd Aquarium took to Twitter to share the images. “We may not have dressed up to say #happynewyear, but even if we did, the flashy Mandarin Dragonet would have had us beat! This fish is one of the few vertebrates that produces a rare true blue hue,” they wrote and shared the post on January 2.

Take a look at the incredible images:

Since being shared, the post has received tons of comments. From calling the fish “amazing” to “gorgeous”, people shared various comments.

“Gorgeous little ones,” wrote a Twitter user. “My daughter loved splash and bubbles. We saw the 4d at the Shedd and she loved seeing the actual real fish from the show,” shared another. “That fish is stunning!” expressed a third.

What do you think of the images? Did they mesmerise you too?

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