Ritu Kumar’s prayer for 2021

First of all, my prayer is for a healthier 2021, with more freedom of movement and expression than we had last year. Another thing that I really hope happens in 2021 is that it becomes a year, which marks the start of normal activities again, minus any pandemics.

We have just had a very shattering year, particularly for the craftspeople of the country. I’m sure all other industries have had the same problems, but ours are manifold because the crafts sector is not very well-funded and they are not in a position to get bank funding. So, their work has really come to a halt.

Therefore, the need is to talk a little more about simplicity and less wastage in the forthcoming year.   

To do so, we must have simpler fashion trends in the next season, where with just an overlay or a new piece of clothing such as a scarf, you could make your wardrobe flexible. And it doesn’t really matter who you are, where you are, it is possible to be very much in trend and part of what’s going on in the next year. This is the positivity that I intend to bring to the table in 2021. 

I want people to realise that no matter where they come from and what they believe, they are all equally beautiful. This is the basis of my campaign, Equally Beautiful.

Lastly, I see a very secular India and I also see the very important role of every citizen of this country, especially the millennials, in the year ahead. The millennials are going to be the ones to handle the next phase of this country’s movement. They are young, they are positive, they are very well-read and they will make the future of this country bright. 

(As told to Lubna Salim)

From HT Brunch, January 3, 2021

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