Sravani suicide: RX100 producer Ashok Reddy is finally arrested

After the demise of actress Sravani Kondapalli, the cops were on the lookout for three people. Two of them, M Sai Krishna Reddy and A Devaraj Reddy are already in judicial custody. Today morning, the cops also arrested RX100 producer Ashok Reddy who was also accused by the lady. It seems all the three men were overtly-possessive about her, which led to the suicide. She was found dead at her flat in Madhura Nagar. It seems Ashok Reddy that told the cops that he would himself come to the police station, but later switched off his cell phone. It seems he was absconding for almost ten days.

Ashok Reddy would be produced in Court after the recording of his statement. Sravani’s boyfriend Ambati Devaraja Reddy and alleged former beau, M Sai Krishna Reddy were caught by the cops on Monday. It seems the cops have evidences to prove Ashok’s role in mentally harassing Sravani. As per the cops, he was absconding since she ended her life on September 8, 2020.

It seems Reddy reached Punjagutta ACP’s office along with his lawyer and surrendered. It seems she came to the city eight years ago. The actress’ first relationship was with M Sai Krishna Reddy. They were together for three years. Then, they parted due to differences. She began work on a show made by Ashok Reddy and they grew close. However, it ended in a while. Then, Sravani found love in Devaraj from August 2019. But M Sai Krishna Reddy would complain about Devaraj to her family. He would assist them financially, so they listen to him.

It seems Ashok Reddy also complained about Devaraj to her parents. When the latter came to know about these two men, he distanced himself from her. This caused her immense grief. It seems all the three men had promised marriage but later taken back their promise. Before her death, she called Devaraj and in a long chat explained how these men had made her life difficult. She complained about harassment from home.

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