Sushmita Sen reveals daughter Renee’s reaction when she said she did help trace her biological parents

Sushmita Sen set an example for all women aspiring to be single adoptive parents when she brought Renee in her life. She was just 24. In 2010, she adopted another daughter, Alisah. Today, it is a big day for Renee as the trailer of her debut film, Suttabaazi has come out. In an earlier interview, Sushmita Sen had spoken about how on Renee’s 16th birthday, she told her daughter that she would help her find out about her biological parents when she turned 18. But, Renee was not interested in the same.

Talking to Rajeev Masand, Sushmita Sen had said, “I told her we don’t know if the court has the names of her biological parents but there is information in an envelope which is only rightfully hers after she turns 18. I didn’t want to give her the wrong information because I did not want her to go there and get her heart broken. I told her, ‘I’ll take you whenever you’re ready… we must go.’ She told me, ‘But why do you want me to go find out?”

It seems she told Renee that she had rights to the information as an adult. It seems she turned down the offer after a second thought. Sushmita Sen said, “By the time she was 18, she was looking at me like, ‘What’s your problem? Why do you want me to do all these things? I don’t want to know.” Renee has done her higher education in the UK, but it looks like she is keen to pursue a career in the movies. She is also a good singer. Sushmita Sen made her comeback on screen with the web show, Aarya. Her performance was much appreciated. They are now planning a second season. Everyone is keen to see how Renee performs in Suttabaazi. We are all eager for it!

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