The Bidens have phone-free dinner dates every night at the White House

"We have dinner together, no phones, the phones have to be off…"

They may have been tasked with the responsibility of running an entire country, but when it comes to dinner time, the Bidens understand the need to keep technology aside and focus on the moment, and on each other.

While they have always managed to set couple goals, Joe and Jill Biden — despite being crazy busy — make room every night for a dinner date, too. In a recent exclusive interaction with Kelly Clarkson, the first lady of the US said that family time is hugely important.

“So, we try to keep the Sunday night’s dinners… I mean, it’s been a little busy lately. But, we still do it and the kids look forward to it. And I think traditions really ground kids,” she said.

The first lady continued: “It was funny, recently my granddaughters called me — I love to have a beautiful table with candles and flowers, or whatever I can find to put on it — and they said, ‘Nana, we’re making our own dinner and we’re doing it nana-style!’. Some of it has permeated — I hope that they continue on the traditions.”

When Clarkson asked if she has ‘date nights’ with her husband president Joe Biden every night, the first lady laughed and said: “We do. He’s so busy, I’m so busy, but we do keep dinner. And we have dinner together, no phones, the phones have to be off. And now we’re having dinner in this beautiful home [the White House], and there’s a fireplace in the dining room, and they light the fire, and we just sit and talk for a while.

“And then he has to go back to work, you know, into the night, and I’m grading papers.”

In order to unwind from her ‘tense job’, Jill Biden said she exercises. “I run, I bike. It clears my head, so that’s really important to me, and I think all women should have something — it doesn’t have to be exercise, although hopefully, I wish it would be. Just to take a moment for yourself.”

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