The Tandoncy to laugh

Stand-up comedian Amit Tandon, on his work and the times we live in

Known as “The Married Guy”, stand-up comedian Amit Tandon talks of his new Netflix solo, his decision to pursue comedy as a profession and how he stays relevant. Edited excerpts from a chat:

You have a new Netflix solo coming up…

The Netflix show is called Family Tandoncies. The show is about experiences that one has when one’s marriage starts coming of age, after having children.

Your stand-ups are mostly about marriage and children. Other than these, what are your areas of interest?

I had a show called Tandon Talkies, where I spoke about 100 years of cinema. I’m a huge movie buff and read a lot of books on Indian cinema. The show talked about the evolution of the industry and has many untold stories. I’m planning to revive it. There’s another series that I’m writing, about Partition. It’s about people who move from Pakistan to India.

How did audiences react to the popular Singapore show Fight Comic in India?

I participated in ‘Fight Comic’ in Singapore in 2013 and I loved the format. So, I bought the rights to do the show in India and it was very well received. Now, we are bringing it back, in digital format, wherein not just one, but five comedians give their own perspectives on one particular issue, all very informative, yet humorous.

What is the difference that you notice in your audiences abroad?

The response that I get from Indian audiences abroad is much greater than what I get from audiences here, purely because of the nostalgia that they get from reliving old memories.

With so many young people taking up standup as a profession, what do you do to stay relevant?

What I think makes my comedy different is that I can relate and narrate both sides of a story, that of a child and of a parent as well.

Amit’s Netflix solo will be out on December 9, 2019

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