These two daily habits might be causing hair loss

Dr (Major) Gurveen Waraich shares the two simple habits that might be damaging your hair.

We all wish for long and thick hair, but that calls for a dedicated and consistent routine. In the absence of which, coupled with an erratic lifestyle, pollution and stress, hair loss has become a very common issue, faced by both men and women.

But sometimes, the reason could be an every day habit which we may not even know about. Wondering what it might be? Here’s some help from dermatologist Dr Gurveen Waraich who shared two simple habits that you should avoid to prevent hair loss.



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Tight ponytail or bun

Tightly pulled hairstyles whether as buns, braids or ponytails can cause traction alopecia.

“Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by hair being pulled in the same way for a long time. Repeated strain on the hair can damage the follicles leading to a receding hairline especially around the forehead, temples or nape. Instead, wear loose buns or braids and change your hairstyle often,” the dermatologist explained.

100 strokes a day

It’s a popular myth that 100 hair strokes a day will make your hair shinier and healthier, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“Brushing is an important part of haircare but rigorous and overbrushing strains your scalp and causes friction on hair leading to hair loss and frizzy hair,” she said.

Avoid these daily hair habits to prevent hair loss.

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