This good boy was named Guardian after he refused to leave his dead sister’s side

Here’s yet another heartening example of why we don’t deserve dogs. A post shared on Facebook introduces us to a dog named Guardian and the reason why this apt name was suggested for him.

Kingsville Kleberg Health Department Animal Control & Care Center shared a post in which they detail getting a call about a dog who had died. When they arrived on the scene, they saw a rather heartbreaking sight. Another dog sat beside the deceased dog and protected it.

“This boy wasn’t going to let anyone mess with his sister,” says the post, adding how it wasn’t easy for the members of the team to convince the dog they were there to help.

The team eventually rescued the dog and brought him to the shelter. They subsequently named him Guardian. He is now in the facility and is scheduled for an adoption.

The page shared another post about Guardian with some pictures of him:

Meanwhile, Guardian’s touching gesture towards his sister has struck a chord with thousands. The post about Guardian has collected over 5,000 reactions and more than 4,400 shares – and counting. Several people have posted how moved they are from this story.

“Animals have bigger hearts then most humans. Thank you for saving this sweet, smart dog,” says a Facebook user. “That’s heartwrenching. The bond and loyalty to his companion. Hope he gets a great home with another dog companion to share life,” writes another.

“Anyone who says that animals don’t feel or love like we do needs to take a long look at these pictures. You can see the heartbreak in his face,” writes an individual. “I’m so glad this dog hero has an adoption appointment. He needs love,” posts another.

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