TRS to use ‘no-trust’ to target govt.

The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) will utilise the opportunity given to it during the no confidence motion against the Modi government to highlight bifurcation issues and the unfulfilled promises made to Telangana on the floor of the House by the previous government.

Though it is yet to take a formal decision on participating in the voting for or against the motion, in all likelihood the party may abstain in case voting becomes necessary. The TRS has been given nine minutes time during the debate.

The TRS Parliamentary Party leader, A.P. Jitender Reddy said the party will focus on the issues related to Telangana and the unfulfilled bifurcation promises. “We will criticise the governments rather than the political parties or individuals for their failure for not doing enough for Telangana as promised,” he said. Other political parties are most likely to use the platform to criticise the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and the BJP government’s policies.

Party sources, however, revealed that they may not target the Telugu Desham Party (TDP) that moved the no confidence motion on the government’s failure to give Special Category Status though they may refer to obstructions created by the TDP after the bifurcation to settle certain issues amicably.

The party doesn’t want to be seen as outrightly supporting the BJP on the floor of the House when the nation is watching the debate and at the same time wants to be seen as one supporting their Telugu brethren from Andhra Pradesh on such a crucial issue concerning their future.

From a political point of view, a senior leader felt, it doesn’t want to antagonise the voters from Andhra region settled in large numbers in the twin cities and who can make a difference with their stand. “Special status is an emotional issue for them like separate Telangana issue was for us,” said the leader.

“We will not gain much politically in either supporting the TDP or BJP outright,” a senior leader said reminding that TRS has been making efforts to be seen as a party of all though it rode to power on the separate Telangana movement.

Meanwhile, ahead of the debate, Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao had separate telephonic discussion with party MPs – B.Vinod Kumar and Jitender Reddy and reportedly gave them the direction on how the TRS should proceed.

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