Video featuring doggo and dolphin zoomies may melt your heart. Watch

The start of a new working week can be rather gloomy but if you’re looking for some feel-good content to cheer you up, then look no further. This clip of a doggo trying to be friends with a dolphin is bound to do the trick. Shared on the subreddit ‘aww’, the clip may make you say the same repeatedly.

The video starts with the doggo zooming in front of an aquarium as a dolphin swims towards it. Till the end of the clip, both the animals continue zooming around happily. The wholesome video may melt your heart into a puddle.

Take a look at the clip:

Shared on January 2, the clip has garnered over 63,800 upvotes along with numerous comments from netizens. While some couldn’t stop pointing at how adorable the video was, others found the unlikely friendship to be super wholesome.

“I love it when animals are friends. How precious,” wrote a Reddit user. “Dog: FRENNNN…where did he go? Oh there he is FRENNNNN…wait,” commented another while voicing the doggo’s probable thoughts. “Dog: that other dog is so slippery!” joked a third. To which another replied, “Dolphin: that other dolphin is so fuzzy!”

What are your thoughts on this cute video?

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