Weaving a gastronomical world

Food truly transcends all boundaries. It binds us together and reminds us, even in diversity, we have much in common. It not only connects us, but it truly brings out the best in us. Through cooking, community ties and friendships become stronger. Food crosses all borders, allowing people from all around the globe to interact, grow, and of course, eat together.

Like many other events in 2020, The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival was held virtually from November 11 to December 15 and it was all about exotic dishes. The event housed 30 pro live sessions of Foodie workshops and Wine & Spirits Talks.

A session with Chef Vicky Lau taught us how preparation of exotic dishes such as Crispy Egg with Mushroom Soup can be both innovative and feminine. Celebrating the subtleties of each and every ingredient, she gracefully weaved through the soup, thus creating a culinary delight on screen.


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