With your support a 1.5-month-old child will get a second chance at life

It felt like all our lives had led us to the moment our baby was born. In my arms was my child and we were feeling blessed. Things never felt this perfect before.

When things were finally going our way, fate took a turn. Suddenly my 1.5-month-old son had to be admitted to the hospital and then things just kept on getting worse after that.

My wife, Sapna and I were blessed with a little boy whom we named, Shreyansh but soon after his birth, his health started to deteriorate very quickly. When he was admitted to the hospital numerous tests were done and it was found out that he is suffering from juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, a very rare blood cancer mostly found in children.

The doctors have said that his health will continue to degrade unless he undergoes a transplant. Any father would do everything in his power to help his children but even though I am trying my best, my hands are tied. The cost of the treatment is INR 2100000.00. With the earnings of a vegetable vendor I am barely able to run my house, how am I supposed to support my son’s life-saving treatment.


“We can’t sleep, we can’t eat. The fear of losing our child is killing us. The feeling of helplessness is really getting to us. We watch our child cry in pain and surrounded by multiple machines while we pray to God that someone will come forward and help us. That hope is slowly dying with each passing day and I do not know how I will be able to live without Shreyansh”, said Sapna with tears in her eyes.


I have tried to borrow money from my friends and relatives but in these current circumstances, no one can help me. Sapna sold off her jewellery and some other valuables that we had but still, we are not even getting close to arranging the required sum.

Our son, Shreyansh has just entered this world and instead of happiness, he is being subjected to pain and suffering. But with your support things will change. Your contributions will help him get treated and he will soon recover. Please donate generously and save our son’s life.

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