Enhancing the performance of players

Nupur Kaul tries to integrate the physical and psychological aspects

Nupur Kaul was unable to achieve her dreams as a tennis player and opted to open the Mind Studio to enhance the performance of every player coming her way.

“Being a former National skater and international tennis player, I try to integrate the physical and psychological aspects to provide a holistic learning approach to the athletes,” said Nupur.

Specialising in psychology in college in Mumbai, Nupur went to Sheffield Hallam University in the UK to acquire a second Masters Degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology.

The 28-year-old Nupur operates mostly on court, “watching and analysing matches, playing the sport with athletes as well as including many physical activities to positively influence the mind.”

Coach Todd Clark said: “Nupur is open to new ideas.

“Together, our aim has always been to adapt the traditional off court activities to physical on-court activities which can directly enhance the players performance.”

Nupur would continue to “integrate the physical and psychological aspects” with Clark in the new venture Accelerate Tennis in Gurugram.

Nupur suggests that even the best of athletes have a sports psychologist in their team.

“We conduct many activities to enhance an athlete’s on-court performance. Analysing matches and being a part of the training sessions is essential for a sports psychologist,” said Nupur.

Mind training

Observing that more athletes were “giving mind the importance it deserves”, Nupur said “tennis is like playing chess with a racquet”.

“Training one’s mind to think about how to play the next point and concentrating on relaxing the body is important.”

The bottomline is that being mentally strong “requires extensive work” and does not happen overnight. Nupur is willing to guide the athletes to reach that stage.

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