Indian Team ‘Celebrating Mediocrity’

Venkatesh Prasad expressed his disappointment with the Indian team’s performance after their loss in the second ODI match against the West Indies in Barbados on Saturday, July 29, 2023.

With star batters Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli absent, India struggled to score runs and were all out for a mere 181.

‘Test cricket aside, India has been very ordinary in the other two formats for quite sometime now. Lost ODI series against Ban, SA and Aus. Poor in the last two T20 World Cups’, Prasad tweeted.

‘Neither are we an exciting team like England nor brutal like how the Aussies used to be’, the retired fast bowler added.

‘Despite the money and power, we have become used to celebrating mediocrity and are far from how champion sides are.

‘Every team plays to win and so does India, but their approach and attitude is also a factor for underperformance over a period of time,’ Venky pointed out.

India lost an ODI game to the West Indies for the first time since December 2019.

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