Kuldeep could play a key role in England

Brad Hogg knows a thing or two about left-arm wrist spin. After all, he starred in World Cup triumphs for Australia, delivered the Chinaman with venom.

He has also closely followed the young Kuldeep Yadav’s career.

What is it that strikes Hogg about Kuldeep’s bowling? Hogg replied: “Kuldeep has a very quick arm action that often bamboozles the batsmen. But I think he needs to work more on his action to get a little more bounce and leg-spin.”

Hogg elaborated, “as he seeks to turn his leg-spinners more, Kuldeep should not lose the potency of his wrong ‘un which is his strength. He has to use the wrong ‘un wisely, sparingly.”

Comparing leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal with Kuldeep, Hogg said: “Chahal is a skiddy bowler, bowls more back-spinners, Kuldeep turns it past the bat. The weakness with Chahal is he doesn’t turn it as much as Kuldeep does when he is attacking the stumps.”

The Aussie observed, “Kuldeep turns it but when batsmen are going after him, he needs to bowl the quicker one to keep them at the crease and not allow them to unleash the power stroke.”

Hogg felt Kuldeep could have a key role to play in the Test series against England and added the English batsmen had problems against wrist spin.

He pointed out: “The English batsmen always want to sweep, they are scared to use their feet and are not picking you out of the hand.”

England did not, now, possess a batsman who could take the game away from a spinner such as Kevin Pietersen used to, he said. Hogg said: “Pietersen had quick feet, he also had a long reach. He could reach out and get the ball off a good length on a half volley and negate the spin with attacking shots. If you were slightly shorter, he really crouched and punished you.”

The Aussie felt patience and the ability to send down long spells were a casualty given wrist spinners’ exposure to shorter formats.

Hogg said, “someone like Rashid Khan doesn’t have that patience yet. In Twenty20, he bowls three leg-spinners and three wrong ‘uns in an over. You can’t do that in Tests. Batsmen are going to sit on you.”

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