Tamil Nadu FA’s poser to CFA

The Tamil Nadu Football Association (TFA), in a press statement issued on Monday, has questioned the validity of the Chennai Football Association’s (CFA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the annual elections conducted in end-June. The AGM was for the year 2017-18 and elections was for the term 2018-22.

TFA contests that CFA should not have conducted the meeting and the elections as there are pending cases between the two in the High Court of Madras. It further adds that the CFA had given “an undertaking to defer the AGM, which was recorded in the presence of a mediator appointed by the High Court”.

CFA secretary E. Sugumaran, however, denied having given any such undertaking.

Directives issued

It has also been mentioned in the statement that the “TFA had issued clear-cut directives to the CFA via letter” advising that the AGM and the elections will not be considered valid if conducted. Sugumaran confirmed having received the letter.

TFA has further questioned the validity of the nomination filed by Sugumaran for the post of the secretary of the CFA. Sugumaran re-contested and was re-elected.

“It was established that E. Sugumaran, who was the secretary of CFA, is by operation of Article 30.3.7 of DFA (District Football Association) statutes, is automatically disqualified for subsequent elections,” read the statement. What the article says is not known.

It is alleged that Sugumaran’s name, which was initially removed from the list of nominations, was illicitly added to the ballot paper by V. Thiagarajan, an election committee member.

Reacting to this, Sugumaran said: “First of all the TFA has no authority to say I’m disqualified and that I cannot contest the election. It is acting out of rancour. It also has no reason to say that we (CFA) are not to conduct the AGM and the elections. The court has issued no such order.” Sugumaran, in turn, accused the TFA of improper functioning.

TFA president J. Jesiah Villavarayar said the High Court, having been approached, will conduct a hearing regarding the validity of the AGM and the elections on July 23.

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