Wasim Jaffer Resignation Letter: ‘Secretary, selectors pushing non-deserving players’

Wasim Jaffer, in his resignation letter dated February 9, 2021, had accused the official and selectors of favouring undeserving players.

A day before Cricket Association of Uttarakhand secretary Mahim Verma alleged that coach Wasim Jaffer had favoured Muslim players and communalised the dressing room, the former India opener — in his resignation letter dated February 9, 2021 — had accused the official and selectors of favouring undeserving players. Excerpts from the letter


I had then spoken to Mr Mahim Verma on 30th January 2021 asking him to get the selection sorted out (Vijay Hazare Trophy team) along with myself and chairperson of Senior Selection Committee as I wanted our team to go and play at least 4-5 practice matches with other association…

I again called him on 31st Jan night to check on the progress of things but received no update on the same. Mr. Mahim Verma did not respond to my calls and only called me on the 3rd Feb…

The team was finally decided on 8th February… it’s shocking to see that it takes the selection committee 8 days to finalise a team for a tournament.

Lack of consultation

As far as Senior Selection Committee is concerned, I did not receive any message or call regarding my opinion / Advise or recommendation in finalising the squad for Vijay Hazare Trophy…

Mr Rizwan Shamshad, chairman of senior selection committee, has not even once called me or messaged me since his appointment as the chairperson to take my feedback regarding the team or the players.

Bias in selection

Things had started to get sour between me and Mr. Mahim Verma when I was pressurised in the last team selections for Syed Mushtaq Ali, where Mr. Verma had been pushing the names of players for selection in the team, who were not at all deserving…

I feel really sad for the players as I genuinely think that they have lot of potential and can learn so much from me but are denied with this opportunity because of so much interference & biasness of selectors and Secretary in the selection matters for non-deserving players.

If the Honorary Secretary of CAU would want to inculcate such kind of work environment while not letting me take certain decisions pertaining to the team’s welfare and performance, then I don’t think there’s any valid reason for me to continue as Head Coach of Men’s Senior team of CAU.

…such a laid back & unprofessional approach from Mr. Verma has forced me to move away from CAU. It is really very disheartening to see that so much talent in the state is being wasted just because of such approach.

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