What’s A Baby Over in Cricket?

From ‘baby over’ to ‘trial ball’ street cricket in India has evolved its own slang.

On Thursday, Virat Kohli gave his fans a peek into the way he used to play cricket as a child.


In the video, when he is asked about Batta, Kohli replies: ‘Batta is a more desi word for chucking.’

‘When we used to play with a tennis ball, there were so many bowlers doing Batta. Batta is very harsh way of chucking.’

Asked about ‘Baby over’, Kohli explains: ‘An over of three balls is called baby over.’

‘There was ‘try ball’ as well. When a player used to get out on the first ball, he used to say it was a ‘try ball’.’

‘Yeah, I used to play baby over matches.’

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