Why Some MI Players Were In Fancy Dress

Mumbai Indians know how to lighten up the mood with their quirky antics. MI’s latest move involves hilarious punishment for players who can’t seem to get their act together and show up on time.

MI shared a video featuring players donning jumpsuits, accompanied by the caption, ‘Lesson learnt – No one wants to be in The Jumpsuit Club’.


The video starts with Akash Madhwal, the MI bowler, explaining that he was late for departure as he overslept. He is seen wearing a jumpsuit, and his team-mates can be heard laughing in the background.

Next, Nehal Wadhera is shown wearing a blue jumpsuit. He explains that he received the jumpsuit punishment for wearing slippers instead of shoes during the last session.

Later in the video, Cameron Green is shown trying to fit into a jumpsuit that is too small for his 6′ 7″ frame. Eventually, he manages to wear a half-sleeved version after making modifications.

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