Wimbledon 2019 Semi-Final Highlights: Roger Federer progresses into the final after beating Rafael Nadal

Wimbledon 2019 Semi-Final Highlights: Roger Federer keeps his dream of winning his ninth Wimbledon title alive, after he beat Rafael Nadal 7-6 1-6 6-3 6-4 on Friday. He will face the first seed Novak Djokovic at Centre Court in the final.

Wimbledon 2019 Semi-Final Highlights: Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal by 7-6 1-6 6-3 6-4 in the Centre Court on Friday to reach the final to face the first seed Novak Djokovic.

After much toil in the first set where both, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal failed to break each other, the 20-time-Grand-Slam-winner won the first set tiebreak 7-3, to bag the first set 7-6. But Nadal showed his tenacity and power in the second set where he broke Federer’s serve twice to win the set 6-1. Federer, on the backfoot, made a proper comeback as he broke first in the third set and took the third set by winning it by 6-3. The fourth set began well for Federer, as he broke in the third game itself, and even after some resilient fight from the Spaniard, the eight-time-Wimbledon-champion took the set by 6-4, and also the match owing to a Nadal unforced error.

On his way to the semi-final, Federer defeated 27th seed Lucas Pouille, 18th seed Matteo Berrettini, 8th Kei Nishikori, while Nadal defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Joao Sousa and Sam Querrey to reach the semi-final stage.

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Wimbledon 2019 Semi-Final, Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Highlights:

A good day in the office

Up against the World #1 now


Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 6-4 Nadal

Federer serves for what can be his match-winning game. Nadal challenges the first serve itself and loses, as Federer makes it 15-0 with an ace. Federer hits the net and makes it 15-15. After a brief rally his forehand proved to be too much for the Spaniard, as Federer makes it 30-15. An unforced error, and he makes it 30-30 filling Nadal with hope. And after a miscued shot, Federer offers Nadal with a break point. But a deuce was waiting just around the corner as Nadal couldn’t deal with a Federer dropshot. But Federer soon gains his third match point, which is countered by Nadal’s sheer resilience. Federer gains his fourth and fifth match points, and he wins it finally after Nadal hits it outside the court.

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 5-4 Nadal

Although Nadal won the first point, it is clear that the Swiss is in the driving seat of the match. But Nadal forces errors from Federer and makes it 40-15, before giving away a point himself. The Spaniard is looking quite down after each point lost. Federer soon makes it deuce with an exquisite forehand ending a long rally. After defending Nadal’s advantage once, Federer achieved match point once, but the third seed is not letting go that easily. After four deuces, Nadal hands Federer with a second match point after he hit the net with his forehand. Nadal defends it gaining advantage after five deuces, and he wins the game finally. What a game, keeing everyone hooked to their seats!

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 5-3 Nadal

Federer is not letting up at all, as he wins two quick points making it 30-0. Nadal seems clueless on how to break the 8-time-Wimbledon-champion now, but he does manage to make it 30-15. But Federer and his immaculate serve makes it 40-15 seconds later, and due to an unforced error, Federer wins the game. 2 hours and 42 minutes and running.

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 4-3 Nadal

Nadal is desperate to not let Federer break, as he takes the lead 30-15. But Federer’s lethal backhand makes it 30-30 soon after, after he covered a lot of ground to reach Nadal’s return. But the 18-time-Grand-Slam-winner wraps the game up with two consecutive points.

Rafa in trouble?

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 4-2 Nadal

After a bit of a break, Federer resumes the game by winning the first point after Nadal makes an error. Nadal doesn’t give up and wins two consecutive points to make it 15-30. But, even he slips on Federer’s second serve and makes it 30-30. Federer takes it home from there and bags the game easily. 

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 3-2 Nadal

Nadal is on th counter-attack now. On the front foot, as he wins three straight points. He gives Federer a single point after failing to serve correctly, which makes it 40-15. But he wraps the game up on his next serve. He still has time to look to break Federer, otherwise he will be sent home packing in this set itself.

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 3-1 Nadal

Federer is not stopping, as Nadal fails to make a comeback. The Spaniard is failing seriously to look for a break point. Not that Federer would complain.

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 2-1 Nadal

Federer looks unstoppable as he gets two quick points from the Spaniard’s serve looking to break his serve. Nadal on the backfoot comes up with a point soon after. Federer replies with a brilliant forehand to which Nadal could only let his head down. Federer gains two break points. But, Nadal makes it 30-40 with a brilliant double-handed backhand. An out, and Federer breaks Nadal in the fourth set. 

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 1-1 Nadal

Federer keeps the pace, and wins two quick points to make it 30-0. But after Nadal forces him to hit the nets, he ends a rally with a much deserved point to make it 40-15. Nadal bites back with a gorgeous forehand, but to no avail as the Swiss takes the set.

Lesser the unforced errors, better

Fourth set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) (6-3) 0-1 Nadal

Nadal serves first in the fourth set after getting humiliated by three set points in the previous game. He gives away a point on the first serve, but does his best to make it 30-30 with a brilliant forehand. He makes a brilliant comeback from being 15-30 down in the first game itself, but wins it after much effort.

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 6-3 Nadal

Three consecutive points from three serves, as Federer gives Nadal a taste of his own medicine. He wraps up after his fourth serve without giving the 33-year-old a single point.

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 5-3 Nadal

Federer wins the first point of the game after Nadal fails to return a brilliant dropshot from the Swiss. Then the Spaniard indulges in another, before making it 15-30. Nadal then unleashes an unreturnable ace to make it 30-30. He wins it soon after.

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 5-2 Nadal

Two great serves, and two great points. But all of Federer’s spirit has been brought down by a Nadal comeback to 15-30. Federer makes easy work of the rest of the game, and wins his fifth of the set. 

Federer knows how to make a comeback

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 4-2 Nadal

Federer is really charged up and his game is showing it. He wins the first point with a brilliant forehand from Nadal’s serve. And he wins another, after positioning himself close to the net. Brilliant serve and volley play from the Swiss. One unforced error, and Federer gains two break points. But Nadal shows his game with two world class serves, forcing Federer to outstretch his hand. He makes it deuce, and then some. All in all, after a brilliant display of spirit, Nadal comes back from 15-40 down to win the game which might have guided Federer to easily wrap the third set. 

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 4-1 Nadal

Nadal quickly replies winning two points from Federer’s serve, but the 20-time-Grand-Slam-winner wins back a point. But Nadal wins two break points soon after. The two decade old veteran doesn’t let go of the game, and after gruesome rallies, he makes it back to deuce. After two deuces with Nadal gaining the first advantage, Federer wins the crucial game in the end. 

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 3-1 Nadal

Nadal faces equal fight from an inspired Federer as even after going down 30-15, he comes back with a brilliant backhand. And then the Swiss goes on to gain a break point. And after a brilliant rally, Federer breaks first in the third set. What a game!

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 2-1 Nadal

Easy as it comes. Federer makes it look so easy winning a game. He wraps up the game with an effortless ace. It’s all delicately poised, but Federer needs to go looking for that break, otherwise it would be another Grand Slam semi-final exit for the 37-year-old.

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 1-1 Nadal

Federer wins the first point, but after an exquisite ace, Nadal makes it 15-15. Another unforced error from Federer, which might prove to be heavy for him later in the game, makes it 30-15. The Spaniard makes it game from there.

Third set: Federer (7-6) (1-6) 1-0 Nadal

After taking a much needed break, Federer comes back fresh and guides the game in his favour. With pinpoint serves, he wraps up the game quickly and wins the first game. He would be looking for a quick comeback, as it is a do-or-die set for him.

Second set: Federer (7-6) 1-6 Nadal

Nadal serves four times. Nadal wins a point four times. Nadal wins the second set. 

Second set: Federer (7-6) 1-5 Nadal

Federer’s serve and he is fighting back, although dropping a point. Although, his eight unforced errors have let him down, as Nadal gets another break point at 40-30. Then, Federer makes his ninth unforced error and hands Nadal the game. 

Second set: Federer (7-6) 1-4 Nadal

Barring just one point that Federer won, it is smooth sailing for Nadal. He wins it after 40-15. Ever since Federer let go of two break points earlier in the set, he has been on the backfoot. Nadal is making the most of it now. 

Second set: Federer (7-6) 1-3 Nadal

Federer starts off bleakly in his serve, and offers Nadal three break points. And Nadal breaks in the second set! Federer shakes his head in frustration, as he fails to win a single point in that. 

Second set: Federer (7-6) 1-2 Nadal

Federer wins the first point off Nadal’s serve, but the third seed makes it 15-15 with a brilliant ace. Federer brings out one of his delicate forehanded dropshots, and he makes it 15-30. Another brilliant rally, and Federer comes out successful at the end of it, gaining two break points in the process. But, Nadal makes a quick comeback to again make another deuce. From there, he easily makes it advantage and wins the game.

Second set: Federer (7-6) 1-1 Nadal

Federer looks quite adamant with his eyebrows squinted before and after each serve. He loses the first point but he quickly gains two points, before Nadal’s wrathful backhand levelled the score on 30-30. Soon after that backhand, Nadal gets a breakpoint. Federer doesn’t let go of the race and makes it deuce. After three deuces with Nadal gaining the first advantage, Federer wins the game with the Spaniard failing to return back the Swiss’ serve.

When legends collide

Second set: Federer (7-6) 0-1 Nadal

Nadal begins the second set. After the first point, Federer makes it 15-15 with the sweetest of backhands, but he can only keep it out of the court on the next serve’s return. The Swiss hits the net again to make it 40-15. But after a slight delay, Nadal wraps the first game of the second set. The games are getting longer. 

First set: Federer 7-6 Nadal

Nadal’s serve and after a brief rally with a mixup of power and grace, he wins a brilliant first point with the finest of margins. Federer replies quickly. Nadal’s serve proved to be too powerful for Federer to return, making it 2-1. Federer again replies quickly. But an unforced error depirves Federer to gain a break on Nadal. After a series of simultaneous points, Federer manages to break his opponent’s serve with the best forehand of the afternoon. With four consecutive points, he wins the set on tiebreak (7-3). 

First set: Federer 6-6 Nadal

Nadal gets three points in a row, but Federer reminds him that he is not going down without a fight. He is desperately looking for the break, hoping the duration will prove to be heavy for the Spaniard. And it does, as he hits the net to make it 40-30. Federer is on a roll, as one swift forehand makes it 40-40, as Nadal just stood and watched. But a wayward shot, and Nadal has the advantage. And he wins it. Into the tiebreak now.

First set: Federer 6-5 Nadal

Federer is on a roll now. This is grass, and it is his turf. His serves are really showing it, even dominating such a powerful player like Nadal with volleys. Again, four serves and four points. Can he break Nadal though? 

First set: Federer 5-5 Nadal

Serving with new balls from the previous game, Nadal seemed adamant to not let the previous game’s frailties crop up. He wraps up the game comparably easier than the last.

First set: Federer 5-4 Nadal

Federer begins with an easy point, but this time Nadal puts up a fight to gain a break point, but after reaching 40-30, the eight-time Wimbledon winner wins the game without inviting further trouble. The match has just started to begin. 

First set: Federer 4-4 Nadal

Federer is bringing in his dropshots now, but Nadal is well equipped to keep the game under his control with his serves. But eventually, he gives away two points to Federer after hitting a net and an out, making it 15-30. The Spaniard is visibly charging the net to play serve and volley and makes it 30-30 through a powerful return. Federer gets the match’s first break point soon after. After a brilliant rally filled with half-volleys and forehands and dropshots, Nadal makes it 40-40. He wins two quick points, and doesn’t let the Swiss break him. What a game!

First set: Federer 4-3 Nadal

Four serves. Four points. This time, the Swiss. His wound from the recent French Open semi-final is quite open, where he had lost in straight sets to Nadal on a quite a windy day. 

Wimbledon 2019 Semi-Final, Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal LIVE: (Reuters)

It has been a long wait but the most captivating modern rivalry in men’s tennis returns to the scene of its most dramatic episode on Friday when Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal meet for a place in the Wimbledon final. Much has changed since that epic Sunday night in 2008 when, as the last strands of daylight ebbed away, Nadal dethroned the king of Centre Court in a rain-hit final that will forever be part of Wimbledon folklore. They have both had dips and comebacks and both have been written off at times. But form is temporary. Class endures.

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