8 Times Mithila Palkar Looked WOW!

Apart from bowling us over with her acting chops, Mithila Palkar knows how to turn heads with her fashion sense.

As the Little things actress celebrates her 29th birthday on January 11, Namrata Thakker looks at some of Mithila’s fashionable outings.


Mithila looks drop-dead gorgeous in her statement gold lehenga-choli made from lampi fabric.


Denim on denim doesn’t always work, but our birthday girl nails the look to perfection.

Not to forget, those red and white glasses are cool.


Mithila’s tie-dye outfit is perfect not just for a casual outing but also for a pool party if you add that fedora hat.


Here’s Mithila giving us sexy beach vibes in fuchsia pink top and high waisted denim shorts.

So pretty in a floral sari!


How stunning does Mithila look in her strapless grown and straight locks?


Another ethnic look done right in a beautiful bottle green sari with thick purple border, minimal make-up and a messy bun.


Mithila sure knows how to make a style statement.

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