Ajay Bhupati’s RX 100 : Making an unusual point

Giving the female lead a negative shade may be paying off for director Ajay Bhupati

A string of disastrous films and rains playing spoilsport have stopped Telugu people from even talking about movies. Thetrailers of RX 100 with scenes showing seemingly adult content also failed to interest anyone; they wrote it off as a C-grade movie! Yet, once the morning show closed, news of its good story spread and now B and C theatres are drawing houseful audiences. Here’s a look at the team.

While for hero Karthikeya this is his second film, heroine Payal Rajput makes a confident debut in Telugu (earlier she had worked in a Punjabi remake of Sairaat) and director Ajay Bhupati is also a newcomer from Atreyapuram in Konaseema.

Ajay Bhupati’s RX 100 : Making an unusual point

Having come to Hyderabad to become a director, he had worked with director Veeru Potla and Ramgopal Varma. “When I came to Hyderabad with just a bag, and I didn’t know directions to Film Nagar. I worked on my contacts, and here I am. I think I still need some time to register this feeling. I have heard the crowd is breaking the theatre gates and there is a lot of commotion around. It feels good that the point I conveyed has connected with the people.”

But why is the audience going berserk? An industry insider cites that it has been a long time since a female lead is shown as as a villain, an opportunist, manipulator and a reason for denouement. Ajay points out, “Women too are abusing the heroine. At one theatre I went to a moviegoer hugged me and cried that his girl ditched him, he was abusing her. The film is raw and native, we see such characters more in villages. I didn’t generalize the concept, the audience just owned it.”

Ajay Bhupati’s RX 100 : Making an unusual point

Explaining the unusual title of the film, Ajay says, “RX 100 is a very noisy bike; it has a distinct sound and is massy.” . He recollects, “In school, I would read news in the assembly and around that time a bike would pass by. As it went by it would create a great deal of disturbance. The hero is like that — arrogant and disturbs everyone around —, why he changes, and the rest is shown in the story. Most of what you see in the film could have been experienced, seen and heard, but the pain is all real. I proved a point to satisfy myself. I told the story sensitively and it is not at all vulgar.”

Ajay reveals that Vijay Deverkonda was his first choice for the lead, had even narrated it to him before Pelli Choopulu went on floors. No regrets now though, he says.

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