Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin is in tears as she says she’s going mad in the show, Aly Goni asks to be called to confession room with her

Bigg Boss 14’s Tuesday episode saw Jasmin Bhasin breaking down and crying on the show. Her rumoured boyfriend Aly Goni did his best to comfort her and even suggested they leave the show if it was getting tough for her.

As the show progressed, Aly, Jasmin, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla were seeing discussing why they had been nominated for elimination. Just then, in walked Sonali Phogat, Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant and began their own conversation, leaving the first four irritated.

Reportedly, this continued through the day, and by the end of it, Jasmin just could not take it any more. She had been unwell and this constant chatter did not allow her to sleep. She was seen walking out of the bedroom, crying: ‘I am fed up with the people here, paagal ho gayi hu main yahaan. Kya karu main? Aly, mujhse nahi ho raha hai (I have gone mad here. What should I do? Aly, I can’t take this anymore.).”

A concerned Aly then remarked, “Agar nahi hoga tujhse to apan chal denge, bahar nikal jayenge (If you can take it anymore, we will leave).” He then asked Bigg Boss to allow Jasmin and him into the confession room. In case, his request was not met, then he would not sleep and would not let anyone from sleeping either.

Of late, a number of stars have been caught crying thanks to all the stress. On Monday’s episode, Rubina was seen crying, though alone, after her husband Abhinav again upbraided her for what he claimed to be her ability to act before thinking. Post Weekend Ka Vaar session with Salman Khan, finding some time alone in the garden area Abhinav had tried to explain to Rubina that she must keep a check on how she spoke. Abhinav had spoken about the two fights that Salman had brought up with her. He had said, “Nobody will dissect how much of your participation was there. All that matters was that you were right there and not disagreeing with them. So it looks like everyone is making fun of her (Rakhi). Frankly, the kind of things that were said against Rakhi, you don’t need to go that low. Constantly picking on someone will not help. I was asking you not to create drama about your sleep. Nobody gives a s** about your crying.”

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Rubina had explained that Arshi had instigated her to act in that manner. She also tried to reason with him how lack of sleep gets her irritated when he said she should not have “created a scene” over the issue. Rubina had walked away and later reconciled with Abhinav but the camera had caught a brief moment, when all by herself, she had cried.

Rakhi too was seen, wiping a tear as she spoke about her husband. She had been explaining to Abhinav and Rubina about how he had refused to show up, despite her many requests. At one moment, camera caught Rakhi wiping a tear.

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