Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar written update day 89: Salman Khan scolds Rubina and Jasmin, Aly fights with Vikas

Bollywood star Salman Khan was not too happy as he appeared on the first Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar of 2021 on Saturday. He had to deal with some ugly fights of the contestants and he even signed off saying he would return to the housemates later as he was in no mood to “waste time and energy” trying to solve their issues.

Salman opened the episode with the issue of Rakhi Sawant getting hurt by Jasmin Bhasin actions earlier this week. He scolded Jasmin and told her that blaming the channel, and even doctors was not good. After Rakhi was hurt when Jasmin put a mask on her head, Jasmin had claimed that Rakhi was just creating drama and was not genuinely hurt. He informed the housemates that Rakhi chose to stay back, just on painkillers, and not to go out for an MRI as that would have required 14-days’ quarantine. Salman also asked Jasmin to apologise after explaining that Rakhi was really hurt, and two doctors confirmed it.

“Apologise right then when someone says they are hurt. You should have said sorry when she was crying, but you were teasing her. Even if she is acting, that is her problem. You made her a soft target and all of you are after her just because her nature is different,” he said.

Salman also scolded the rest of the contestants for making fun of Rakhi. “Only Vikas Gupta understood, perhaps because he has been sidelined by the entire house and faced similar situation. You guys think Rakhi is uncool and you guys are too cool? Vikas understands her, supports her in such situations and also corrects her when she goes wrong. Rakhi is different, but needs to be appreciated for her own, real and genuine personality. No one knows what all fights and struggles Rakhi has seen. She puts up a brave face and always tries her best to entertain us all,” Salman said. Rakhi kept crying as Salman advocated her. Salman added, “Seriously, I think you (Abhinav) need to be a husband, and take a stand. Even if you do not want to be a husband, be a contestant.”

Salman then took up Rubina Dilaik and Sonali Phogat’s fight where the former threatened to not cook for an entire week, and the subsequent fight that Rubina had with Arshi Khan. After showing footage of their fight, Salman said, “You may be privileged that you sleep in a quiet room with air conditioners but our people stay near bus stands, railway stations and airports and they can easily sleep with all that noise! The industry where you work, you get a lot of work and one day you will stop getting work. You won’t know where it all went. Is there a rule that no one can speak at night?” He also asked Nikki Tamboli if the entire house would have reacted the same way if anyone else threatened to quit household chores and she agreed that everyone would have targeted the person refusing duties, not the other way. Salman then said it was the entire house at fault, and not just Rubina, as she behaves as she rules and others allow her to do it.

Salman said neither Colors, nor Endemol nor the creative team gave Rubina such rights, asking who gave her the authority to do so. Salman also questioned Rubina on her action during a fight with Arshi in the morning. When Arshi was fighting with Rubina, the Shakti actor showed her the pinkie finger. Salman asked Rubina what the action meant. After asking everyone else, Salman said, “You wanted to show another finger but you refrained because this is national television. Everyone understands you meant the other finger.” Rubina claimed it was an instinctive reaction and she continued with it as she could see Arshi was being triggered.

After Salman’s interaction ended, Aly Goni and Vikas got into a fight even as they were trying to sort out differences with Arshi. Aly even pushed Vikas and Aly claimed, “Mere friends ko backmail karta hai, iska phone lao mai abhi prove karta hoon. Kya bola tha kya kiya tha humne Argentina me?” Vikas denied all allegations and also asked Jasmin to name the person who kicked him out of Khatra Khatra Khatra.

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Aly then claimed it is a game strategy for Vikas to be seen with anyone who is a single target for the entire house, so that he gains all the sympathy. When Eijaz Khan interevened and asked Aly to not go personal, or talk about issues form outside the house and continue his fights professionally, Vikas said he may speak about whatever but not fake things about issues from outside the show.”

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