Bigg Boss 14 written update day 88: Rubina and Rahul Vaidya fight with Sonali Phogat, politician says she won’t treat anyone as queen

Even as they welcomed the new year, 2021, on Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, the mood remained the same inside the house. Not only did the fights and misunderstandings continue, but Sonali Phoghat added new angle to the arguments happening on the show.

Arshi Khan told Rakhi Sawant that she used to respect her but her actions have forced her to lose all that. Arshi was hinting at Rakhi’s actions of tearing down Rahul Mahajan’s dhoti in a task. Soon, Rakhi labeled Jasmin as Aly’s girlfriend and he got angry. “You cannot say this, it is mentioned in my contract,” Aly said and the duo fought over it for some time.

Later, Jasmin was seen telling Aly that he may be mature enough to handle it all and not be instigated by contestants (such as Rakhi, who taunt upon their relationbship), but she is not. “Kahi mujhse aisa kuch na ho jae (I fear I may be instigated to take some untoward action),” Jasmin said. Aly then told her that he was no saint, and he may react in an uglier manner if his patience is tested.

Later, Vikas told Rakhi that should avoid talking about Aly and Jasmin’s personal equation. He insisted she is mature and elder to Aly and Jasmin, therefore she should avoid such things. Rakhi then told him, “I am not going to win the trophy by being a good person. When I step outside, my fans will question me. They will ask me why I did not reply in Rakhi Sawant style when they said such things against me? Of course, I will fight for myself. And, as my brother, you should also stand for me sometime.”

Bigg Boss first asked the contestants to list down their New Year resolution and then gave Arshi and Rakhi a chance to win immunity. They were to ensure that the housemates broke their resolutions and captain Rahul Mahajan was to judge the entire task. Aly was seen telling Rahul Mahajan that he should ensure that Arshi and Rakhi do not win the task. Eventually, Rahul did announce that no one won the task and soon, Arshi was sen crying as she told Aly that he did not support her. Aly tried his best to calm her down but she got angry.

Later at night, after the lights were switched off, Sonali Phogat continued to talk to Arshi and rest of the contestants also continued talking. Rubina Dilaik, who is very particular about her sleep timings asked everyone to keep quiet but no one listened. Eventually, she got up and declared that since she was being disturbed and the entire house had decided to not support her, she would not support the house for one week. “This is my way of doing it, I will not do any work for an entire week,” Rubina announced.

Sonali Phogat was the one leading this group of people talking and enjoying, She insisted they must not sleep too early as it was the first day of the new year. Sonali also told Arshi that she was enjoying disturbing everyone and it was all because she had spent too much time with Arshi.

Sonali got angry when Rahul Vaidya kept saying she should not disturb everyone. They also kept saying that she should not have disturbed Rubina’s sleep. “Rubina ho ya uski maa ho ya baap ho, koi fark nahi padta. Mujhe nahi sona to nahi soungi. Kisi ko maharaja-maharani treatment dene wali mai. Meri jo marzi hogi wai karungi (Whether it is Rubina or her parents, I will not sleep because I do not want to. I will not treat anyone as queen or king here. I will do as I wish),” Sonali said.

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It was around 2am that Sonali apologised and Arshi was then upset. “Why did you say sorry? I am upset now,” Arshi told Sonali and walked away.

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