Bigg Boss 16: Has Tina-Shalin’s Love Story Ended?

It seems Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig are no longer BFFs in the Bigg Boss house.

The two had become friends instantly after entering the show and had stuck together while planning and plotting in the game.

While they did fight, they always patched up.

But now, the actors are at loggerheads and their friendship has gone kaput.

It reminds us of Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz’s chemistry from Bigg Boss 13. They had become very popular because of their friendship first, and then their animosity.

Guess Salman Khan wasn’t wrong when he said everyone is trying to imitate contestants from previous seasons.

Shalin vs Gautam

Sumbul Touqeer, who is finally trying to be visible on the show, chills with Gautam Vig, Tina Datta and the others.

But she gets offended when Gautam and Tina pass sarcastic remarks about her in connection to Shalin Bhanot.

She later reveals the entire episode to Bhanot, who loses his cool and taunts Gautam for attacking an 18-year-old kid.

This starts a big fight, which gets nasty very soon, as Shalin and Gautam almost get physical with each other.

Tina gets upset when Shalin taunts her too.

Soundarya Sharma and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia side with Gautam and Tina whereas Sumbul tries to calm Shalin down.

With that, the ‘TV actors’ group is now divided.


Tina’s love story ends?

Just a few days ago, Shalin had confessed his feelings for Tina and even jokingly said ‘I love you’ to her. But this love story may be over even before it started.

Tina complains to Nimrit that she has been loyal to Shalin, but he doesn’t seem to care and is only playing games.

Nimrit tells her not to trust Shalin.

In the evening, Tina has a conversation with Shalin and yells at him for ignoring her the whole day.

Shalin is also upset with Tina and accuses her of breaking his heart.

Tina starts crying and Shalin hugs her.

But their conversation doesn’t end well and Tina says she will stay away from him.

Honestly, their connection never seemed genuine and so seeing them fighting like lovers looks awkward.

New task for ration

Bigg Boss announces a new task for rations.

Abdu Roziq and Sajid Khan are the shopkeepers and the rest of the housemates have to race in order to buy groceries.

Captain Shiv Thakare is the sanchalan.

Only three contestants will be allowed to shop in each round. Abdu-Sajid tease the other housemates by eating in front of them.


Ready, get, set, go….

The task begins and Shalin wins the race every time and ends up taking the maximum amount of ration for his bedroom, followed by Gautam, Soundarya and Ankit Gupta.

Sajid and Abdu hide certain food items and this irks Archana.

She complains to Shiv, but it backfires as Shiv sides with Sajid and Abdu.

Though Sumbul, Ankit and Gautam fail, everyone enjoys the task and bargaining with Sajid-Abdu.


My Take

Shiv is turning out to be the mastermind this season, followed by MC Stan, as they manage to break the other group. Shalin thinks he’s playing the game smartly, but he isn’t.

No wonder, he has lost all his so-called friends and even his ‘girlfriend’.

Sumbul has no idea how to play the game and that makes her look silly.

Gautam needs to play wisely whereas Nimrit, Tina and Soundarya need to do more.

We need more of Ankit’s witty one-liners because sadly, Abdu-Sajid’s banter is getting boring.

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