Bigg Boss 16: Who’s In The DANGER ZONE?

Tuesday’s episode was all about the special nomination task.

Some friendships were tested and many misunderstandings were created.

Nimrit, Soundarya apologise

Shalin Bhanot feels Gautam Vig’s game was looking strong before he got into the love drama with Soundarya Sharma. He feels Gautam wants to come across like a hero.

Elsewhere, Soundarya tells Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia that Archana Gautam felt Gautam used to flirt with her initially and is therefore not to be trusted.

The ladies continue their conversation in English despite warnings from Bigg Boss.

Ultimately, Bigg Boss asks them to apologise.


Nominations begin in the haunted house

Bigg Boss announces it’s time for the nomination task.

Two contestants will have evil powers in the haunted house and will decide who they want to save and who they want to nominate.

Since Archana is the captain, she is safe and has to nominate one person who will directly go into the danger zone.

Archana obviously picks Gori Nagori.

Nimrit and Tina Datta have to decide between Shalin and Gautam, and they save their respective friends.

Ms Datta even gets ready to get nominated herself in order to save Shalin.

Eventually, Nimrit caves in and Gautam gets nominated.


Bigg Boss questions Tina

Bigg Boss questions Tina’s stand on getting herself nominated to save Shalin.

Since it wasn’t Nimrit’s idea, Bigg Boss warns Tina not to take the game lightly and to play for herself.

Tina agrees that she got emotional and promises to not repeat this mistake.


Soundarya, Shalin get the evil power

Soundarya and Shalin are called into the haunted house and given the evil power.

They have to choose whether to save Sumbul Touqeer or Shiv Thakare.

Shiv says he has been playing the game well while Sumbul has no game and has been hanging with only Shalin in the house.

Sumbul defends herself and Soundarya wants to give Sumbul a chance to improve her game.

Shalin surprisingly sides with Shiv.

In the end, Bigg Boss reveals that Gautam, Shiv, Abdu Roziq, Gori, Tina and Soundarya are in the danger zone this week.


My Take

Finally, a nomination task that was fun!

Sumbul is safe this week, but she is yet to up her game. Her friendship with Shalin is definitely not proving good for her.

After all the drama over the weekend regarding their fake love story, its not surprising that both Gautam and Soundarya are at the bottom. It’s really getting boring to see their awkward relationship.

Since Abdu is in the danger this week, let’s hope he takes it seriously and shows us what a strong, entertaining, contender he is.

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