Colton Underwood Breaks Down In ‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’ Hot Seat

‘The Bachelorette’ fan favorite got emotional when Chris Harrison asked him to open up about his long-hidden secret.

Colton Underwood had an emotional moment on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All. The 26-year-old NFL free agent broke down while in the hot seat on the ABC special after host Chris Harrison asked him a personal question about his virginity.

Underwood, who made headlines for his surprising virginity reveal on Becca Kufrin’s season of the ABC dating show, became visibly upset during his Men Tell All interview after Harrison asked him what it felt like to “essentially broadcast” his personal business not only to Becca but to the world after keeping it a secret for years. Underwood admitted it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do in his life.

“I’ve gone through a lot with that. It’s hard for me to even talk about it right now. But growing up, being an athlete, it’s something that I was ashamed of because it was so openly talked about in our community. So, I had made up a lot of lies, and I hid it. I was ashamed of it.”

Colton Underwood began to break down when talking about other people’s perception of him due to his virginity.

“I wasn’t true to who I was, and I feel like people think I’m less of a man because of that. And that’s the hardest thing for me to hear.”

You can see Colton Underwood as he gets emotional in the Men Tell All hot seat below.

Earlier in the broadcast, Underwood got into a heated exchange with fellow Bachelorette suitor Jean Blanc. While some of it was bleeped out, Variety reports that Jean Blanc told Colton he was “acting like a p— even though you’ve never been inside of one.” Underwood addressed the personal attack from Jean Blanc while talking to Harrison.

“Being up here tonight and getting cheap shots thrown at me about being a p—y because I haven’t seen one, that hurts,” Underwood said, through tears. “Because when I hear that, I believe it. ”

Underwood later told Variety Jean Blanc’s comment during the Men Tell All taping was disrespectful on many levels.

“It took a lot of self-restraint to stay in my seat when Jean Blanc made that comment because it was something that was so uncalled for, so unnecessary, so disrespectful to not only me but everybody out there in the way he verbalized the female anatomy,” Underwood said.

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After The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All aired, Underwood posted a lengthy follow-up message to fans on social media. In an emotional Twitter post, Underwood revealed that behind his smile are “years of insecurities, scars from my past & feelings that have been buried for years.” Underwood also revealed that for years he hid his feelings, including bouts of depression and anxiety.

“While I didn’t plan on breaking down or speaking about my virginity on tonight’s episode, it is clearly something that I struggle talking about,” Underwood wrote.

You can see Colton’s complete post below.

While Colton Underwood’s time on The Bachelorette is done, he will get another shot at finding love on Bachelor in Paradise, which premieres Aug. 7. Previews for the summertime spinoff reveal that Underwood will reunite with his former girlfriend, Tia Booth, and that he could be part of a love triangle.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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