F2 – Fun and Frustration has a beautiful message: Venkatesh

Actor Venkatesh is glad the he got a chance to exercise his comic chops in Anil Ravipudi directorial F2 – Fun and Frustration. The movie also stars Varun Tej, Tamannaah Bhatia and Mehreen Pirzada.

Actor Venkatesh’s F2 – Fun and Frustration has hit the screens. In a free-wheeling chat with the media, the actor shared his experience of working on F2

Here are the excerpts:

Q. Why did you do F2?

Lot of people will relate to the film. They will identify with the concept of before and after marriage situation. I did this film because after a long gap, it was a chance to show my comic chops. My previous outings like Guru and Drushyam were very different and serious subjects. To be honest, I am glad that I haven’t lost the comic side of me.

Q. Was Guru and Drushyam an effort to break the image?

I haven’t so far understood the word image and that’s why I always struggle to answer this question. I took acting as a profession. It wasn’t like a business for me. People have shown affection and appreciated my work. If I wished to create an image of myself, I would have thought about it or studied but I never have. In the case of my films, I always wished for its success and profits for my producers and distributors. Image is something that comes from outside and it is not under my control.

Q. After a film like Guru and Drushyam, F2 brings you back into the comedy zone.

I believe the challenge is in bringing a difference in a regular concept. The characterisation (in F2) is very fresh. I have not done it before and it’s a multi-starrer with a topic I have not dealt with before. When you do films with new directors, they have got another way of presentations in terms of dialogues and body language. You learn new things from them. Even Anil has got his own spark and style in filmmaking. He is a very positive and energetic director.

Q. Will F2 taste success at the box office?

In the last five years, we know how family-oriented films are being received at the box office. So, that way, F2 seems like a perfect film. It is a film to be watched at the theater.

Q. How is Varun Tej as a co-star?

I gelled well with him. He was always there and was taking care of me. He is a very simple and humble boy, who is trying to take a path where he doesn’t want to be stuck in stereotypes. I could see the boy trying to do something different.

Q. There were reports that he was nervous about doing F2.

That is because he has not done this genre before. But what I liked was he performed in his own style in the film, which is very important. He has got this big personality, so it is nice to see that kind of person doing crazy comedy.

Q. Is F2 giving any message?

The film has a beautiful message which is not preachy. Basically, it is about respecting women. We have to understand that they are the most important angel in everyone’s life. And I always believe that if you surrender to the other half, half of your battle in life is won.

Q. You are getting more multi-starrer scripts.

I think enjoying work is important. It doesn’t matter if it is solo starrer or a multi-starrer. I have been in the industry for 30 years now. I cannot ask for anything else.

Now, I think audience has become very attentive. They know your body language. So, it is important to reinvent, which I tried with Drishyam and Guru.

Q. What can you tell us about your upcoming film Venky Mama?

Venky Mama is a wholesome commercial entertainer. It would be a good film for me and Naga Chaitanya.

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