Iron Fist season 2 is only 10 episodes long and will be missing a key character

It seems Netflix may have finally got the message that not every show needs to drag on unnecessarily, especially ones that aren’t that good.

The streaming giant has now confirmed that Marvel’s Iron Fist season two will be shorter than the first, clocking in at 10 episodes to the first’s 13 (via IGN).

While no specific reason was given for the shortening, it comes after many fans have accused Netflix’s comic book adaptations of pacing issues due to stretching out the series with extra episodes.

Netflix’s VP of original programming Cindy Holland recently opened up about that at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, admitting there are contractual issues when many shows are commissioned.

“In some of the earlier negotiations and deals that we did with third-party studios, we were sort of hamstrung a little bit by the convention of the 13-episode cable series pattern,” she said.

“And if you look at the content that we’ve been making out of Netflix Studios and even with third-party partners now, often the seasons are generally no more than 10 episodes.”

On top of that, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb has confirmed that Rosario Dawson won’t be back as Claire Temple in the new season of Iron Fist.

“Claire won’t be in there, but our relationship with Rosario is awesome and we love her, she loves us – and when the story lends itself into that place and hopefully she’s available, we go down that road,” he told CBR.

“Believe me, there isn’t any showrunner who hasn’t come in and said, ‘So where are we with Rosario?’ And we go, ‘Well, let’s tell the story and figure it all out’.”

He added: “You know, what’s been fun about it is I think Simone [Missick] is now giving her a run for [her] money in terms of the shows! She’s been on and been running around.”

Iron Fist season two will arrive on Netflix on September 7.

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