Iron Man Robert Downey Jr gets beaten up by kids: Actor shares hilarious video from daughter’s birthday party

In a recently shared video of Robert Downey Jr by the actor, we see him taking some solid beating by a group of kids at his daughter Avri's seventh birthday party.

It is not every day that you see Iron Man being beat up by a bunch of children at a birthday party. But in a recent video shared by Robert Downey Jr himself, we see him taking a solid beating by a group of kids. The video is from his daughter Avri’s seventh birthday party.

The two-part clip features snippets from the birthday celebration in which Robert Downey Jr  could be seen all decked as a pinata as kids surrounded him to shower the actor with some literal brickbats. The Hollywood superstar captioned the video post, “For my dearest daughter AVRI’s 7th bday I gave the kids what they want. Which is clearly mob violence.”



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Some of the comments posted by his fans were hilarious. One user wrote, “the real video of how iron man died.” While another simply mentioned, “Admiration.” Yet another person feigned horror at the happenings and wrote, “Noooo Tony!”

With a solid body of work behind him, Robert Downey Jr returned to superstardom upon portraying the iconic comic book character of Iron Man in the Marvel movies, was recently in the news as one of his old letters penned to MCU went viral.

“I hope these films have evoked a dialogue on equality, justice, freedom, embracing diversity, and combating intolerance with the power of partnership, sacrifice, and love. At this point, Tony might say: ‘You’re welcome.’ I’ll balance that with a boundless eternal: ‘Thank you’,” Robert Downey Jr wrote in the heartfelt tribute to the MCU, as reported by The Direct.

Robert Downey Jr was first seen as Iron Man in the 2008 MCU movie, and his last role as the genius, flamboyant tech geek slash superhero was in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, where we saw Iron Man sacrifice himself for the greater good. His last screen outing was Dolittle, which failed to enthuse the audience.

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