Just For A Change? Or For Total Change?

The film that is titled ‘Seenayya’ and features senior director VV Vinayak in the lead role is all set to be launched today on the eve of the director’s birthday. And this brings us to the question, why is Vinayak taking up acting in the first place?

It was almost a decade ago that Vinayak has delivered a stupendous hit at the box office through Adhurs. Later he has come up with movies like Badrinath, Nayak, Alludu Seenu, Akhil, Khaidi No 150 and Intelligent. Barring Megastar Chiru’s re-entry movie, Nayak is an average movie while others were disasters. And definitely considering a career switch is not at all a bad idea for him.

However, some say that Vinayak is turning a hero only to experience something refreshing. That means he is doing this film ‘just for a change’. On a serious note, if Vinayak thinks he has the required acting skills, he could go for a total change from direction to acting. This should be supported by the result of his Seenayya movie too.

On the other hand, with Dil Raju pushing the name of director Narasimha to somewhere on the far right corner below the title, many wonder if Vinayak and Raju are directing the film by arranging a naam ke vaste director.

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