Love Island fans slam Caroline Flack for not telling Scarlett Moffatt her bra was showing

Love Island fans have been slamming various things on Twitter again, this time regarding Scarlett Moffatt’s bra and Caroline Flack’s inability to point it out.

Though before we go any further, we’d like to say that a) our bras are always popping out, b) there’s nothing wrong with bras popping out, c) it’s a look, and d) Caroline Flack is not responsible for telling people to hide their bras.

Anyway, Scarlett was appearing on Love Island’s Aftersun when viewers noticed that her bra was showing, and took to Twitter like a group of 17th Century nuns might have done had they spotted an ankle on show.

One wrote: “Caroline Flack needs to tell Scarlett Moffatt that her bra and tits are on show and hanging out of her dress, it’s arlass!”

“I can’t believe no ones still ain’t told Scarlett Moffatt that her bra is on full display,” another shared.

A third viewer tweeted: “Can someone tell Scarlett Moffatt that her bra is visible on love island after sun.”

Fortunately, these people made a lot of sense…

“People crying about Scarlett Moffatt’s bra being on show like they haven’t watched love island contestants walk around in tiny bikinis for the last 7 weeks, have a day off Jesus Christ,” one quite rightly explained.

Another said: “People getting the arse because Scarlett Moffatt’s bra was showing, damn better tell Victoria that her secret is out & about her weight, if she’s happy and confident then who the hell cares? I think she looks stunnin.”

The Love Island final airs tonight (July 30) at 9pm on ITV2.

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