Love Island roasted by London Fire Brigade for encouraging old stereotypes

Love Island might be hugely popular, but it’s not immune from criticism. People have criticised the show for manipulating eventual winner Dani Dyer, and for a line-up of very similar people.

And now Love Island has drawn the ire of, would you believe it, the head of the London Fire Brigade.

Okay, there’s actually a precedent for this. The series contained a ‘fireman challenge’ which saw the men strip to their underwear and save the female contestants. The LFB weren’t at all pleased with the stereotyping.

Commissioner Dany Cotton has called out the show for “rolling out every offensive cliche possible with their so-called ‘fireman challenge'” (via BBC News).

She adds that it “reinforces the misconception that all firefighters are muscle-bound men”.

“No wonder so many young women are put off by that.”

The publication also quotes Liz George, a watch manager for LFB, as saying: “Even saying ‘fireman’, emphasising its just a man that could do that role, is quite frustrating when I’m out doing that job every day.”

According to the report, just 6% of the 5,000 firefighters at LFB are female. The army and the police have seen more female representation in the media, which Cotton says has “enriched” them, adding: “It’s time the fire and rescue service caught up.”

Love Island is available to watch now on the ITV Hub.

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