Love Island will definitely be won by Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham… according to a psychic cat

Good news for all Jani fans: the pair are predicted to win tonight’s Love Island finale.

Not only are Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham the bookies’ favourites, but the pair are expected to win thanks to a prediction from Lorraine’s physic cat Phoenix.

The moggy was offered four bowls of food with each one representing a different couple from the ITV2 show.

Without any hesitation, the cat headed straight to Jack and Dani’s bowl – much to presenter Christine Lampard’s delight.

Sadly, anyone planning on putting a bet on it might want to give it some serious consideration first, as the last time Phoenix made a prediction, it was wrong.

The cat broke its 100% perfect record when it guessed England would beat Sweden in the World Cup match that night, only for them to go crashing out.

Dani’s dad, EastEnders star Danny Dyer, made a cameo appearance on the show last night to give his opinion on Jack.

Danny and his wife Joanne Mas appeared via Skype to talk to their daughter.

“I will say, I got it wrong baby,” the Mick Carter actor said to Dani. “I told you not to do it. We’re so proud of you, you are incredible. You’re an absolute hero babe.”

After telling Dani that he thinks Jack is “lovely” and a “right proper geezer”, Danny then gets to speak to his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time when Dani runs to bring Jack into the call.

Fortunately for Jack, this terrifying first encounter with Dani’s parents goes swimmingly as Danny says: “Listen, I approve of you mate. I think you’re absolutely bang on. I weren’t at first, I thought, ‘Oh here we go’.”

The Love Island finale airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2, while Lorraine airs weekdays at 8.30am on ITV.

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